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See what is happening in your Ceph data storage. Secure access to information and controls to adjust your system. Runs in your Kubernetes cluster or as a stand-alone micro-service in your bare metal environment.
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The KSD toolkit helps reduce the complexity of running Rook Ceph data storage.
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Koor Data Control Center gives you a single pane of glass for managing Ceph storage. We bundle our enhanced fork of the Rook open source project that enables access from any Kubernetes cluster.

Plus, we include tools for single sign-on set-up, performance tuning, and troubleshooting. We can even tell you when it's time to upgrade. Deployment and expansion tools are in the works.

Koor has Rook Ceph experts from around the world.
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Having excellent tools is critical. Sometimes you need a little extra help from people who have "been there and done that."

Every subscription to Koor Data Control Center comes with unlimited priority support from our team of Ceph and Rook experts.

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Get started now with Koor Data Control Center for your self-managed data storage. You can begin a free trial of KSD for up to 4 data storage nodes, or commit to a Pro subscription and get immediate access to everything we have to offer.
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Features and Benefits

Good things you get by using Koor Data Control Center
Block, object, and file storage Koor Data Control Center is the ideal solution for watching over your Ceph data storage.
Public cloud, private cloud, or bare metal Keep your data wherever you want it. Hybrid solutions are supported "out of the box."